HELP…HELP… Have you ever heard this word or used it?

Help is something that everybody wants to receive when the need arises. HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED A PHONE CALL FROM A CLOSE RELATIVE AND THE CONVERSATION IS A REQUEST FOR HELP AND YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN AT SUCH TIME THAT YOU NEED HELP YOURSELF, BUT THEY ARE NOT READY TO UNDERSTAND? Help is encouraged all over the scriptures. Help is instructed by God but help must be done based on God’s wisdom. If not, the helper can become the victim.

Hear my story. Many years ago, I observed that a young man would deliberately delay in church after every service so that everyone lives the church auditorium. Why was he doing that? He had no accommodation; nowhere to sleep and bc of shame, he played this “delay game” so that no one knew his plans… especially the ladies. When I noticed this, from a good heart, I offered him my completed one bedroom apartment which was a part of my humble house under construction at that time. In addition, I made him comfortable and had plans to buy him Hollow block making equipment so he could generate funds for himself. In your wildest imagination, can you guess what latter transpired? After some weeks, behind my back, he placed for sale on my house.
1. Help is instructed by God but must be done based on God’s wisdom.

2. It is futile helping an unrepentant/unbroken individual who is reaping the harvest of his evil and wickedness.

3. You cannot help he who sees you as his prey.

4. You can never satisfy an individual who sees you as his challenge in life.

5. Whoever is arrogant and full of pride does not need financial help as first line of intervention. Even God resist the proud….and pride must usher in destruction as her last package.

6. Those who only define help in terms of financial gifts will remain as parasites. …to suck you dry.

7. Those who don’t believe that the word of God is dependable for help will burn you out.

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God bless you.
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