Remembering yesterday can be positive or negative. However, when positive, it can become a fountain of life. I sat at home one day and my son informed me that an uncle was knocking on the doors. So, I asked, “do you know him?” He replied, “Daddy, I don’t know him.” “I have never seen him before.” At this point, I became a bit careful to view through the window properly before opening the door. To my surprise, I also could not figure out his face. At the end, the man introduced himself and presented a gift and a bottle of wine….he had bn trying to trace my house for over 6mths. He just came to say, “thank you” because of an employment he got in a particular oil and gas coy. It was a stress on me to push his matter at that time, but he finally got the job. Interestingly, you would wonder why I did not recognize him. The truth is that, I had never met him or spoke with him. The head of a unit in a coy where I was well respected asked me to provide smone’s CV to fill a particular job….
It was a specialized job. I had to ask a church member whose family needed urgent help to provide a person… just my contribution/sacrifice towards their progress.

Positive contributions to smone’s life may be by direct physical proximity, through another individual, an agent, media like books, CDs or other platforms. For example, the testimony of my life today as a Christian and as a pastor, a father, and a husband is a product of those who God has used from time to time to add positive values to my destiny and also to correct/rebuke me when appropriate. [Don't make that mistake and cover it with spirituality; you can never become successful to the extent where you are always right and can never be corrected or rebuked by those ahead of you]. Beyond words, I must emphasis that, I remain grateful to these churches, authors, pastors and models who have shaped my life positively.

Many people never remember yesterday…. on the platform of today’s success, they easily forget history. Sometimes, I see people who I paid house rent for when they were struggling trying to use me to showcase their “bigmanity.” …. People I literally pushed to own a roof over their heads… some to marry and settle down… helped to relocate abroad… people who God used me to rescue their marriage… some in prayers & fasting we stood on the word together for breakthroughs and when it happens, i was no longer their mates. Knowing that “the rich also cry,” can you imagine investing time to sending sms to some people in this category and they misinterpret it as working towards obtaining smthing? Have you ever sent long sms to encourage someone who is “successful” to just say some word of encouragement and they reply; kk/ijn/tks/ok/fine/sty/ok chap/busy? It’s even more interesting when they think that, they cannot condescend to picking your calls….
They are no longer at your level. Paradoxically, when challenges or spiritual battle arise, you become the closest person to keep calling. The truth is that, as Christians, we continue to do what is right to the glory of God. If you follow the behavior of many ungreatful individuals who easily forget yesterday, you will do thing that can offend God.

1. If you look around you and find none of those who contributed to your success, you have an attitude…. You don’t remember yesterday.

2. Trying to reciprocate those who have played a major role in the foundation of your success from surplus finances is unfair…. It must be by sacrifice... usually, money is never enough.

3. No matter how far you have succeeded, don’t forget yesterday; the relationship may be relevant to your children.

4. Never say you don’t want anyone to insult you bc of a CV or employment or contract you can push to help someone/family, for your sake Jesus became poor, and received humiliation so that you can succeed in life.

5. Some people don’t remember, respect or regard those who sacrificed positively to their present platform of success… they delete such persons, and pay whatever price and receive the necessary insults to be identified with the rich/celebrities who may have contributed nothing substantial to their foundation… that is flesh.

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