The congregation; yes, i mean the body of Christ need to hear the mind of God. So lets share it with them for positive reasons... It was beyond mere imagination; in a deep spiritual lamentation, I inquired of God to raise us a voice; a prophet that would stand for the entire church (body of Christ) in Nigeria against every negative onslaught. In response, I was given an assignment to search for a particular pair of white shoe with a name engraved in gold. Interestingly, after much probation, i realized that, the pair of shoe had inscribed on it the popular name; Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.

Haven known what I was after, and with great relief in my mind, I went on and searched for this shoes in the cities, villages, and even in the big charismatic empires across the nation. I even went further by looking at the feet of some major prophets around, but painfully, I could not find them. On the contrary, and in a deep shock, I latter located them at a very unusual and an unlikely place; in a museum and to my utter dismay, the shoes were there abandoned, lying in wasted, because no one had stepped into them.

Why was this so?
1. Most of the feet that were supposed to step into them had become too fat with F-L-E-S-H.
2. Many had become too driven by expansionism; they lost the passion for the church in Nig.
3. Tribal bias and denominational barriers had put blisters on many feet. As a result, they were not fit any more to step into the shoes.
4. For some, the pedicure of modern compromises was on their toes. It had covered up the original color for “the love for brethren and the unity of faith.” Therefore, to protect the aesthetics on their feet, they avoided stepping in.
5. On the other hand, few were initially qualified; but legalism, charismatic witchcraft and prophetic manipulation driven by greed for money had drained them.

Therefore, their legs became too slim to fit into the shoes.

6. Despite the age of the particular pair of shoes, they were still full of power. Although, some ministers were originally short listed to step in, the stench of immorality and tittles around them disqualified them despite the fact that, it was their exact size.

7. At last, like the phase of David in the Bush, I saw some prepared and anointed young ministers who were still in the anonymity of social insignificance; but made worthy by the lamb; working in the direction to step into those shoes. Yes, they are the prepared Vessels from the remnant who have not bowed to Baal nor tasted of the king’s meat; people who have paid the price in the place of intercession. These “Called ministers” will operate with a greater manifestation of power; their love for the progress of the church in Nig will be beyond their personal interest. It will no longer be a pair of shoes for an individual but the anointing will be modified and multiplied for several vessels to carry. It will be an outpour in a peculiar dimension. Why this delay? Why don’t we have many of the icons in the charismatic circle in Nigeria operate in this dimension in the interest of the church? I mean, finding someone who can be listened to across all denominations and tribes in Nigeria? Can’t we get a GO who will command authority that will cut across other denominations without self-centeredness?
Find me the Christian leader today who can call a meeting and all big pastors will attend across different denominations in Nigeria; someone who would not be biased to represent the interest of the entire body of Christ in Nigeria without tasting the king’s meat? Yet, amazingly, when some known rich and powerful politicians call for a meeting to gather pastors, the turnout is usually quite impressive!! Painfully, except for very few who have the interest of the entire church at heart, these days, it is very rear to find any of those who have succeeded support any upcoming ministry. I heard the story of a big ministry that went to make a better offer to a landlord just to push out a younger pastor from a particular property. Some make higher offers to take over radio/TV sluts from a ministry that is trying to find stability. A mega church pastor sent his members to trouble a particular pastor to sell “his” church so they can buy it; simply because they had become the reigning church in town and wanted the smaller church out of the prime property they occupy. Sometimes, to survive from these “predators,” some young ministers are compelled to accepting tittles and unnecessary coronations to shield themselves from such oppression. This is the reason why they get burnt sometimes trying to step into things beyond their immediate capacity. Most of the gospel audio tapes, books, magazines, bibles, tracts, Gideon materials, overseas bible courses that some of the founders of some outstanding ministries used to build their foundation were by the benevolence and sacrifices of some overseas ministries sent many years back. We need to ask, what are we doing today to maintain spiritual values and keep the gospel spreading that is not centered on” us or our church ?” Those churches abroad did not open their branches in Nigeria; where they saw a need and an existing church led by a doer of the word, they simply believed in the ministers and supported them with all they had. Many years down the line, Nigeria has become the center of Christianity in the world. How are we doing likewise?


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