Spiritbreed Ministry has an approach that facilitates easy understanding of the Word of Faith and enhances fast spiritual growth. Not by magic but through a consistent step-by-step teaching of Biblical Principles.


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Our Church

One of the major emphases of Spiritbreed ministry is on knowing the person of the Holy Spirit. The demonstration of the gifts of the spirit and transformation of lives beyond human understanding is evidence that the Spirit of God is greatly at work in our midst.

Every Wednesday at 10am, business people, church leaders, even those with criminal records and many more with challenges gather to pray for divine intervention. It has being a demonstration of God’s faithfulness from inception. Lives are changed and destinies remolded. These and much more are part of the reasons why we are never intimidated to ask you to join this great family of people who have made the decision to go all the way for God and prosper by his word. We look forward to welcoming you to church.
-Austin Oarhe


To develop a breed of people to demonstrate God’s love, faith and power.


Empowering lives with biblical Principles and building impactful relationships.


L- Love I- Integrity F- Faith T- Truth E- Excellence D- Discipline.